Apprenticeships have become the training programme of choice for many employers across a wide range of different industries.

TVS Education offer a variety of apprenticeship standards, from sport and physical activity, through to  leadership and management. The variety of apprenticeships that are now available enable employers to train staff from across all departments, from an intermediate level through to university-level qualifications.

An apprentice will learn while they work. This could take the form of a day release to a centre of learning, or they could be based on your premises for five days a week, completing their studies at work. How the apprenticeship is designed is based on the needs of you and your apprentice.

You don’t need to employ a new member staff in order to benefit from apprenticeships. Most employers choose to recruit new people as apprentices, but you can place an existing member of staff on an apprenticeship if they have taken on additional responsibilities or moved to a new role in the last three years. This can be an effective way of training members of staff who have been identified as having great potential.

Employers tell us that integrating apprenticeships into their organisation brings a range of additional benefits to the business, notably:

  • A loyal workforce that appreciates the investment in their development
  • Reduced training costs
  • Skills gaps addressed
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • A significant return on investment

TVS Education can advise on the funding currently available to employers looking to take on apprentices. Our team have experience and expertise in ensuring that your investment in the apprenticeship programme is as cost effective as it can possibly be. We can also advise on the latest apprenticeship reforms that will affect funding over the next few years.

Apprentices complete standards relevant to their role and the industry, and receive regular visits from the TVS team to make sure that they are developing at the right pace and performing at a level that is meeting your expectations.

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