Unlock your potential

Bespoke Programme Management, quality assurance and administrative support for your education needs delivered in schools, colleges and professional sport environments where students find a level of motivation often previously missing in a traditional school or college environment.

We have 21 members of staff offering qualification support, resources and guidance over a range of qualifications nationally including Traineeships, Level 1 to 3 qualifications all with the purpose of going on to better things.

In addition to the qualification management, full pastoral support, Maths and English delivery and UCAS workshops the programme is fully managed on TVS Education’s VLE offering a fully transparent platform for all our partners in assessing the performance of students and staff.

An IQA team of Pearson Standards Verifiers and Centre Quality Reviewer offer BTEC guidance across all of your organisation ensuring successful external visits. BTEC approved assignments, resources and performance monitoring reduce staff and organisation workload and a help desk that solves problems before they arrive. PowerPoints and student support material reduce hours of preparation.

Exam invigilation, course SAR, attendance tracking, value added targets, data and regular performance reports, ensure schools and colleges are prepared for inspections. IT support, VLE training, qualification marking guidance, timetabling and regular CPD days ensure establishments are prepared to deliver.

Onsite visits and support and full bespoke planning and implementation of new sport, coaching and development qualifications to meet the needs of establishments and students ensure the programme meets the full ongoing needs of schools, colleges and most importantly students.

Want to expand your provision? Want to work with a professional sport club with minimum risk, improve success rates or simply do something different to reach a wider student audience then give us a call… what do you have to lose?

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